Gocycle awards

March 2008: Gocycle® G1 wins awards for Best Innovation and Best Complete Bicycle at Taipei International Cycle Show.January 2009: Gocycle® G1 wins Bicycle Innovation Award at FietsVAK, Amsterdam.April 2009: Gocycle® G1 launches in Europe to international media acclaim.September 2009: Gocycle® G1 wins IF GOLD Award in the electric bicycle category at EUROBIKE, Germany.February 2011: The first-generation Gocycle® G1 is now sold out!September 2011: Karbon Kinetics announces Gocycle® G2 specifications.August 2012: Karbon Kinetics premieres the Gocycle® G2 at EUROBIKE 2012.August 2012: Gocycle® G2 is awarded the EUROBIKE Award honouring innovation in the bicycle industry.March 2015: Gocycle® G2 is awarded the Red Dot Product Design 2015 awardApril 2016 Gocycle® G3 available in Europe

Bon voyage avec GOWZE® revendeur Gocycle®Gocycle G3, le meilleur velo pliant electrique urbain